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At 55 inches, 76lbs, 13 year old Jacob Matthew Ellis is a bundle of dynamite that loves to perform, is passionately competitive and is thirsting to be the best. Tiger Claw calls Jacob "a rising star in the martial arts with a very bright future", "an outstanding athlete who always has a warm smile for his competition".
2007, Jacob began his second year as a black belt with two principal goals in tournament competition; to win on the NASKA World Tour (1 divisional championship), and to win the Tiger Claw Elite Grand Championships at the Disney Martial Arts Festival at the Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Fl. Jacob started this year recovering from his hernia operation followed by a series of injuries that kept him out of most of the competition until June; by then he missed 5 of the first 6 tournaments on the 13 tournament NASKA World Tour and was unseeded in all of his divisions. However, by mid November, he won the Tiger Claw Elite Overall Teen Contemporary Forms Grand Championship, 15 NASKA Championships and 2 NASKA Grand Championships, achieved Top Ranked in Creative Weapons 2nd seed in Traditional Forms and made the top 3 seeds in 5 NASKA divisions; Jacob won a total of 29 national championships and 4 national grand championships for 2007. In the 21 months Jacob has been competing as a black belt he has won 92 championships and 8 grand championships.
In the past 2 years his pictures have appeared in over 20 issues of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, Black Belt Magazine and Dynamic Expectations collectively, he was featured on FOX 6 News "That Sunday Sports Show" and posters produced with Jacob are displayed at many tournaments and dojos across the country.
Jacob made the 2006 and 2007 Tiger Claw Elite Performing Champions whose performances are recognized as being of the most spectacular shows in the martial arts.
2006, Jacob entered black belt competition in the Disney/Tiger Claw Elite Championship series. For the year he competed in 17 tournaments, won 57 divisional championships, 4 grand championships, and achieved top ranked athlete for all age groups for the series.
2005, Jacob entered national competition in the North American Sport Karate Association's Championship series; the NASKA World Tour. After competing in only 11 of the nearly 60 NASKA rated tournaments he finished the year in the NASKA National Ratings for his division as 2nd in Forms, 2nd place in Sparring and 3rd in the nation for Weapons Forms. The pervious two years he dominated his age group at every local tournament he competed.
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