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In 2006 Tiger Claw and Disney Sports came together to create a qualifier championship whereby athletes can compete to qualify at one of 10 qualifier tournaments located around the country and then go on to compete at the Disney/Tiger Claw Elite Championships held at the Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida in October. Athletes qualify in their divisions by winning first or second place at any one of the qualifier tournaments. The Tiger Claw Elite Championships are for black belts only and athletes from all series, all competition teams, all dojos and disciplines are welcomed and encouraged to compete.
The Grand Champions and First-Place Forms and Weapon Forms Champions from the 2007 Tiger Claw Elite National Championships at the Disney Martial Arts Festival make up the 2008 Tiger Claw Elite Performing Champions, with the Second Place Forms and Weapons Forms Champions earning alternate positions.
Tiger Claw is putting on principally two types of shows this year. The tournament shows which are typically more of a variety show and then performances that are created as a more elaborate theatrical presentation. The Grand Champions are used in the more elaborate theatrical presentations, however, to give the shows a particular flair or to add depth to the shows Tiger claw will draw from the first and second place as well as performers outside the martial arts.
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Tiger Claw Elite Performing Champions Performances:

Disney’s Martial Arts Festival / Tiger Claw Elite Championships – October 2007

US Capitol Classics – August 2007

Long Beach Internationals – July 2007

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